‘drugs, drones & mobile phones’

  3/11/2016 – ‘prisons must be places of discipline,hard work & self improvement’ – Elizabeth Truss                  truss as in – to tie up the legs & wings of a bird -post slaughter & prior to roasting.

‘hopi maidens catch the whiff of disney’

  20/10/2016 – “the Arizona Snowball at 12,300 feet tall is the second largest peak in Arizona. The Hopi & Navajo view this peak as ‘indispensable to their religious beliefs and practices’. In reaction to decreasing snowfall levels due to climate change factors the Snowball Ski Resort proposed the use of  “100% sewage effluent to […]

‘why don’t you mind your own business’

30/9/2016 – when John Berger duets with Hank Williams we get a bit closer to the truth… …animals are always the observed. The fact that they can observe us has lost all significance. They are the objects of our ever extending knowledge. What we know about them is an index of our power and thus […]

‘who’ll bear the pall?’

28/8/2016  –  ‘up with the kettle and down with the pan, and give us a penny to bury the wren.   We have a little box under me arm Under me arm, under me arm We have a little box under me arm A penny or tuppence’ll do it no harm.’    

‘how do we make sense of biodiversity?’

24/8/2016 – a trip to Woolbeding NT “woke up got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head ” – then the mini-bus from Midhurst, through the narrow lanes across the Rother & back into that alluring world of money & green magic, complete with cultural diversity. “my window cleaner – expensive but you can’t […]

‘slippery sadiq & oily owen’ – an arranged marriage

21/8/2016  – arranged endogamy is the practice of marrying within a specific class, or social group, rejecting others on such a basis as being unsuitable for close personal relationships.    

‘jackin up, frackin up’ – short term rewards, long term nightmares

12/8/2016.       Its all obvious stuff .      

‘normal service announcement’

1/8/2016 … a major overhaul of working parts means output will be limited to visual research & drawing – colour will reassert its influence as a form of damage limitation. ‘normal service will resume in the late autumn’  

‘whose the mug ?’

  30/7/2016….. “in a low tree I spotted a female chaffinch, which is one of the most common birds in Europe and is all but absent in Malta, owing to the country’s widespread illegal finch trapping. “A chaffinch!” “That would be incredible, if we’re starting to have breeding chaffinch here again.” It was like somebody […]

‘hang em high’

25th July, 2016… the straw barn is empty – this years harvest not yet in – so the rats & assorted vermin are visible –  their ‘hideyholes’ exposed I have to stitch this steel carcase together, add the wheels & vets prod handle before it drifts off to join the ‘soon to be real’ collection, […]