NTR -‘treble, treble toil and trouble’ = song & scribble

  22/1/207 –  ” our vision is to empower through creativity and bring performances and artistic opportunities to the city of Portsmouth “.                

‘Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning’

22/1/2017 – ‘let me take you down cause i’m going to’   —— 1849 – Astor Place riot, occurred May 10 at the Opera House between immigrants and nativists.  — the future beckons eh ?

‘the Notts are at the top of my xmas tree’

24/12/2016 – David Nott Foundation  click here for link

‘non-denominational primordial soup time again’

  24/12/16 – Click here for link:

‘way down in the hole’ – Franks wild years.

  7/12/2016 – Despite yellow disc warning symbols sparrows & other small birds misread glass windows & perish. Click for link:    

Atopic- ‘too close, too close for comfort, please not again’

26/11/206 – Sinatra is at the top of his form, moving from swing to bebop, in this infectious little number – but what Frank would make of gross NHS underfunding we will probably never know. Click here: Atopic Art Micro-Residency

‘old mother Hubbard went to the cupboard’

  19/11/2016 –   . . . for crops there be so hard to cinch, you could’nt raise em with a winch. It’s all I want to do by Gosh!  . . . . to raise a head of Hubbard squash . . . . . .  

‘we are such stuff / as dreams are made on’

  14/11/2016 – as Sam spade would have it ‘ we are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep’

‘bonita applebum’ @thehornthehorn

  9/11/2016 – ‘Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm’, a tune for diversion whilst turning your back on a dangerous day. It could have been a cheese jacket, more like ‘the only way is up’.

‘drugs, drones & mobile phones’

  3/11/2016 – ‘prisons must be places of discipline,hard work & self improvement’ – Elizabeth Truss                  truss as in – to tie up the legs & wings of a bird -post slaughter & prior to roasting.