‘tell it like it is Frankie’

7/5/2017 -‘ a mother gives life and this one gives death, and we call this device a mother.What is going on?’ our man asks.

its -‘ joseph beuys Berlin potato windowbox’ time again

2/4/2017  –  Joseph looks slightly lost with his famous old pals, but look back to the Berlin window box time which still feels fresh & real. Come back Joe, all that morbid, late ,art-world stuff is unimportant.

‘NZ’rs catch pom disease – pets before people syndrome’

17/3/2017 – Frizz a dawg, is not world newsworthy- its simply parochial piss

‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’

14/3/17 – Keats nailed it.

‘can you adam & eve it’ – misshapen produce gets hot – a pity purchase ?

  28/2/2017 – this one is too special to chop for chutney so it will slowly age , then sink, tilt & dissolve into a puddle – a slumped mix of sweet & sour sugars, nonvolatile acids & phenolics. Sound familiar ?

‘a sign of the times’

  5/2/2017 – Hard Evidence – or middle of the road , bourgeois , horseshit. The choice is yours.

‘recycled paper world’ – thats proper homework

29/1/2017 –

NTR -‘treble, treble toil and trouble’ = song & scribble

  22/1/207 –  ” our vision is to empower through creativity and bring performances and artistic opportunities to the city of Portsmouth “.                

‘Red sky in the morning; shepherds warning’

22/1/2017 – ‘let me take you down cause i’m going to’   —— 1849 – Astor Place riot, occurred May 10 at the Opera House between immigrants and nativists.  — the future beckons eh ?

‘the Notts are at the top of my xmas tree’

24/12/2016 – David Nott Foundation  click here for link